Donate Today - You can make a difference!

Donate Today - You can make a difference!

AP Training 4 All, Inc. would like to thank you for your contribution to our incorporation. Our mission to help to improve and change the lives of many individuals would not be possible without your generosity and support.

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AP Training 4 All - Our Non-Profit Foundation

Mission Statement

AP Training 4 All's mission is to introduce the sport of Judo as technique for improving individuals' lives. The moral code that is present in the sport of Judo is one that can establish the mentality in troubled individuals to help them improve their lives. Judo helps people not only reach their physical goals but helps develop mental strength to succeed in the challenges of everyday life. This concept is what drives AP Training 4 All's mission within the community.



AP Training 4 All, Inc. will provide the instruction of Judo, to any and all people who are capable of learning. We will also have instructional classes in physical training or conditioning, cardio boxing, and self defense for those have the ability and need for this type of training and instruction. We hope to be able to train those who are handicapped, both mentally and physically, veterans, underprivileged children and young adults, obese or overweight children and adults, and victims of traumatic life experiences, domestic violence and abuse. Specifically, we hope to work with down syndrome and autistic individuals. We will be conducting training daily as needed once we find the appropriate individuals to benefit from the training.

The location where training will take place is AP Training Center, 746 NW 5th Ave, Suite A, Fort Lauderdale, FL. The majority of the training will take place here however we will also conduct training sessions at other dojos in the South Florida area and will travel to other cities for specialized trainings for specific purposes and for tournaments. We intend to generate funds to support our goals by fundraising, receiving donations, and applying for and receiving grants to perform these trainings and activities. With the funds, we generate will be able to benefit many people that live with disabilities and difficult life challenges. We want to bring joy and confidence to individuals who don't normally experience it in their everyday life.

The activities will be funded by the receipt of foundation and government grants, both public and privately funded, private donations, email solicitations, and personal solicitations. We will not operate under any other name than AP Training 4 All, Inc.

We will provide service by training any individuals, who can benefit in some way by introducing sports into their life. This is a vast population and we have the ability to cater to all individuals no matter what their need.

Our ultimate goal would be to have the ability to train an individual or athlete that will be selected for Olympics and/or ParaOlympics as well as any individual with disabilities or mental handicapped and veterans.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring sports to all people. Every person from every walk of life deserves the opportunity to be able to participate in sports. They deserve the opportunity to experience the joy, happiness, confidence, strength, boosts in self-esteem and the ability to concentrate that sports can provide. Whether you are underprivileged, have experienced abuse or domestic violence, been challenged by traumatic life experiences, have experienced the hardships life can bring, are physically or mentally handicapped, have Down Syndrome or Autism, have Parkinson's Disease, cerebral palsy or ALS, are a veteran, or are simply overweight or obese, sports can and will change your life. This is the basic philosophy for AP Training 4 All, Inc.

With an emphasis on Martial Arts, Cardio Boxing, Physical Conditioning, Self Defense, we want to show the community what you can be achieved with sports. We have the ability to cater our training to meet the needs of each of our participants. For example, for the individual who has experienced abuse or trauma, we can instruct and teach them ways to be able to defend themselves so that they can rebuild their confidence. Through physical conditioning and cardio boxing, we can help those people who are obese or over weight lose the weight necessary to bring back the self-confidence needed to live a happy life.

With Judo, we can help individuals understand respect for themselves and others, rebuild mental strength through personal challenge and acceptance of defeat, as well as enable individuals to feel comfortable in their surrounding developing a new level of social skills through physical contact and interaction with others.

AP Training 4 All knows that one of the biggest gifts of sports is that athletics can help heighten wellness, health, and community involvement in all people, especially those with disabilities. It has been proven that with the practice of sports and physical activity, individuals have the ability to achieve their true potential, improve their quality of life by improving physical and mental health, and develop new social skills.

AP Training 4 All will bring this concept to all people through Judo, Cardio Boxing, Physical Conditioning and Self Defense instruction.

Charitable Contribution Tax Form

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