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Judo Classes in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Judo Classes in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Learn Judo at AP Training Center FL

Judo is loved by all generations. You can see people of all ages from six to over eighty years, and people of all professions, nationalities and sexes enjoying Judo at the AP Training Center FL. They all have their own purposes. Some of them want to be strong, some want to be healthy, some want to strengthen their mind, some want to appreciate the pleasant feeling after perspiring, some want to be able to defend themselves, some want to become instructors of Judo, and some are already devoted to training others.

Our Coach

Our coach has more than 29 years of combined experience with Judo coaching, with the skills and experience of the highest competitors. AP Training Center is concentrated on giving the best Judo experience by focusing on the base fundamentals of the art of Judo. The Moral Code of Judo is also the primary content of our class for adults and kids who will learn in a better environment.

What is Judo?

Judo is a Japanese martial art that aims at strengthening trainees' bodies and minds through its training. During the session, a player grips the
opponent and makes an effort to subdue him/her by throwing or holding. Trainees may have respective reasons to start Judo practice. Some people start their practice for fitness while others start practice to become stronger or to lose weight healthfully or to learn safer ways of falling down.

Although trainees may have various motivations initially, the goal of Judo is to develop fine people. Let's learn the Rei mind through Judo training and become a fine person who is strong both physically and mentally and who willingly contribute to the society.

The Principles of Waza

The Principles of Waza

Waza is based on the fundamental principle of Judo that is, "Maximum Efficient Use of Mind and Body". The theories of Tsukuri and Kake are expressing the principle from Waza's viewpoint.

Tsukuri is made up of Kuzushi which means to destroy your opponent's posture or balance, and "holding yourself ready" to make your attack easier. To actually apply your contemplated technique, when his posture has already been broken by Tsukuri, is called Kake. Tsukuri and Kake can also be called technical principles of Judo.

While you are practicing Tsukuri and Kake, both depend upon the fundamental principle of "Mutual welfare and benefit" and "Maximum efficiency," you can understand and master the principle which can be applied to all phases of human life. You proceed from Waza to Way by practicing Judo.

Kids Judo Classes

Ages 3 - 7 years, beginner classes involve lots of fundamental movement patterns to help to build confidence and develop self-awareness and physical fitness and movement literacy.

The session involves lots of safe falling, tumbling, trips, holds, and escape techniques as gentle introduction into the sport. Most importantly, the class is about having fun engaging children in sport and activity for the long term.

Juniors Judo Classes

Ages 7-14 years, the junior classes develop the technical aspects of judo through the grading syllabus including break falls, throws and holds. Instilling the principles of discipline and self-confidence the junior class develop the physical characteristics of judo such as agility, speed, strength, balance and flexibility.

With a friendly environment coaching is athlete-centered ensuring each junior on the mat can achieve their goals, at their own pace with effort.

Seniors Judo Classes

For adults and ages 15+, senior sessions involve the development of all areas of judo from basics such as break falls, holds and throws to more advanced techniques including strangles and arm locks. With a person-centered approach to development, no matter your age, size or fitness you can learn at your own pace with the support of everyone on the mat.