Join our Kid's Camp!

AP Training Center FL is Partnering with the City of Fort Lauderdale for Summer Programs

AP Training Center FL organizes a Judo camp where your kids will learn the fundamentals of Judo. Children will do at least 2 hours of judo PER DAY as well as enjoy team games and outdoor sports in a fun and safe environment. They receive a different variety of coaching, on ground and up technique.

They will have the opportunity to assimilate more confidence, self control, build strength, progress and learn new techniques, and amplify friendships. They will also learn the moral code of judo: respect, honor, courage, friendship, honesty, modesty, sincerity, and self control. We focus on the techniques of TASHI WAZA AND NE WAZA.



  • The day is adapted in the morning with physical preparation and conditioning
  • Following with judo technique NE WAZA
  • Lunch will be provided at a healthy place. *If your child has dietary preference, please fill it out in the registration form so that the camp will make sure to prepare for the special diet.
  • The kids will have a free time to relax and rest as necessary before some more physical fun training and more judo technique practice in the afternoon.