Join our Judo Summer Camp!


JUDO Summer Camp


Week 1: Monday, June 14- Friday, June 18

Week 2: Monday, July 12- Friday, July 16

Week 3: Monday, August 2- Friday, August 6

Time: 9am-4pm


Member $250 per week ($50 per day) per child non member $300

*Price does not include lunch, snacks, or beverages


AP Training Center FL will be having a Judo Summer Camp where your children will learn the fundamentals of Judo, focusing on both standing up techniques (Tashi Waza) and on the ground techniques (Ne Waza). We will use games and different physical exercises to work on balance, agility, and self-confidence. We will also expand upon our teaching of the moral code of Judo and incorporate different elements of the Japanese culture in craft and alternative learning activities.

AP Training Center FL organizes a Judo camp where your kids will learn the fundamentals of Judo. Children will do at least 2 hours of judo PER DAY as well as enjoy team games and outdoor sports in a fun and safe environment. They receive a different variety of coaching, on ground and up technique.

They will have the opportunity to assimilate more confidence, self control, build strength, progress and learn new techniques, and amplify friendships. They will also learn the moral code of judo: respect, honor, courage, friendship, honesty, modesty, sincerity, and self control. We focus on the techniques of TASHI WAZA AND NE WAZA.

Daily Activities

Daily Activities

· Physical exercise, agility training and games

· Learning and progressing in Judo techniques (Tachi waza- Standing techniques)

· More fun games


· Crafts- learning Japanese culture, calligraphy of Japanese symbols, moral code of Judo, appreciation activities

· More learning and progressing in Judo techniques (Ne Waza- Ground Techniques)

· Conversational learning- Moral Code Implementation

· Fun Time- Movie, games, etc.